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With our guidance and your hardwork, we promise RESULTS!

               PERSONAL TRAINING


I have been training with FITT LAB for almost 2 years now and must say that this was so far the best that has happened to me and my family. My son and I are under the training of FITT LAB's well-qualified trainer - Kong Li Ming, Ian and ensures that quality workouts were provided every week.


My son started as a very skinny teenager and hoped to have an athlete's physique which was achieved eventually after 2 years of rigorous training with Ian. Ian even made sure that my son achieves gold in NAPFA test. Today my son continues to adopt a healthier lifestyle.


I am reaching 50 years old and must say that FITT LAB's programs worked well for me. My perception to exercise has changed a lot and am very thankful that I got the chance of having met Mr. Ian.



               PERSONAL TRAINING


When I was younger I never thought I needed exercise and I can't deny I felt unhealthy as I see myself in pictures. I had been in denial and only exercised a few times a year.


My parents found FITT LAB and since then it has revised my habits in diet and lifestyle. FITT LAB's trainer Kong Li Ming, Ian taught me discipline and improved my knowledge in diets, habits, and principles of weight training as well as keeping me healthy. I came a long way from being a wet soggy noodle to an athlete. I still look forward to more fun and intense training to progress to advanced levels.


Is it worth it? Yes, it is!


STEVE ;) nothing beats being strong and fit!

               Personal Training


It is not about how fanciful the workout is in order to feel the difference. It could be simple, short in duration with high intensity but most importantly doing it right! Just like saying, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.


Probably along the way you'll realize that shaping yourself could be these simple and perhaps life can be simple as well, so long as you do it right.


If you believe, trust FITT LAB and Feel The Difference.



           Group Training


Sam: Great and very energetic Trainers! Ever since I've taken up classes with FITT LAB, my energy level doubled and I feel damn good!


Sheryl: Motivating, challenging and the best thing is the Trainers kept it fun and enjoyable! 


Andy: Exercise was initially too difficult but Trainer (Ian Kong) tweaked exercise to make it easier for me to follow. After a few months, I'm feeling strong and super energized! THUMBS UP to FITT LAB!


Janice: 3 words, SIGN UP NOW!! =D 


Join us now to Feel The Difference!

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